Eye of the Storm

Last night a monster thunder storm rolled across Rutland, the rain showers provided us with a necessary break from the relentless heat of the past week, however, today the sun has arrived back with a vengeance, leaving us in a warm and muggy atmosphere. In Oakham it is currently 30 degrees the same current temperature as Banjul, The Gambia, so any migrating ospreys will have an easy time acclimatising. On the Manton Bay nest we have seen all three members of the remaining osprey family, Maya visited this morning to undertake a little nest maintenance, one of the few times we have seen her on the nest recently.

33(11) has been very busy visiting the nest, mainly to chase away the many intruders who have been visiting the bay. A few days ago we even had an unidentified juvenile osprey visiting the Manton Bay nest, most likely a young bird from one of the nests on private land taking a longer flight out to explore the local area.

3AU is also still in the bay, he has been disappearing for long periods of time but for now seems to be sticking around the nest. He has been spending most of his time over the past three days food begging, at one point 33(11) seemed to give in and brought a fish to the nest, however, in 3AU’s excitement he manged to drop it into the water, never to be seen again. As 33(11) now seems reluctant to feed 3AU it looks as though it won’t be long until 3AU decides it’s time to head off on his long migration to a wintering ground, here he will become fully independent, catching his own fish and defending his own territory. 3AU has even been practising his defending skills on the nest today, backed up by 33(11) of course.

3AU food begging

We are expecting to have even more storms from late this afternoon, after the past few weeks of drought we can’t help but be thankful that we are finally getting rain, let’s just hope the ospreys are smart enough to find some shelter.