Eye of the storm

It’s been another exciting day, as our second juvenile in Manton Bay has fledged! 2AM flew off the nest this morning at 09:26, only a day after his sister. He only went as far as the camera perch to begin with, and stayed there for over an hour, but then went on a much longer flight and landed back on the nest at 10:38.

2AM fledges

2AM landing

2AM spent a lot of time this morning jumping around and flapping, and he kept venturing towards the edge of the nest, just like 2AN did before she fledged, looking very ready to go.

2AM wings

Last night between half past nine and ten, there was a big storm over the reservoir! This was much needed as it helped to break the humidity. It didn’t bother the ospreys unduly, it wound them up a bit and they became a bit flappy, but they were all absolutely fine. The camera wasn’t too happy though, and every time lightning struck it flashed and jumped. The storm made the sky turn some interesting colours, and in two of the below photographs you can actually see some forked lightning!

Storm coming Blue Forked lightning Lightning!

This morning however, all was incredibly peaceful, calm and beautiful!

Calm at 5am this morning


The first fish of the day wasn’t delivered until 14:02, and it was another live one! 2AM had been sitting on the nest, and Maya suddenly dropped down from the camera perch. Then in came 33 with the small perch, which thrashed about when he let go. Maya grabbed it, but then 2AM took if off her! She looked a bit bemused, but let him get on with eating it himself.

33 flies in

2AM with fish

2AM was happily tucking into his fish alone on the nest, when 2AN came along, looking very interested. She stalked closer until she eventually leaned in, grabbed the fish and yanked it away from poor 2AM! Sadly for her, but luckily for him, he had already eaten almost all of it, and there was only the tail-end left.

2AN fish pinching

The next fish, a big trout, was delivered at 16:02, and this time both juveniles and Maya were all on the nest. 2AN predictably was the one who got hold of this one!

33 coming with fish

2AN protecting fish

It’s amazing how soon fledging has come around – suddenly our little chicks are huge juveniles who are now flying! It’s really fantastic that both 2AN and 2AM have developed into such strong and healthy young ospreys. Unfortunately for us in the centre, when the juveniles have fledged we often get large periods where the nest is empty! Whilst they do return to the nest every so often, and fish are still delivered there, as the juveniles mature and grow in confidence they will stay off the nest for longer periods of time. They don’t tend to venture far from the nest area though, and there will definitely be plenty of action to see from the hides on the nature reserve for the next six or seven weeks!

Empty nest



2 responses to “Eye of the storm”

  1. Helen Hall

    Well done to all of the team and the ospreys. Sorry I haven’t been able to get up this year but the very good photos and write ups keep me posted

  2. Mike Simmonds

    Thanks again Kayleigh for such a comprehensive Blog. The video of 2AM flying in on his way back to the nest was treat to see. He was certainly flying confidently and strongly before landing cleanly. All very important factors at this stage.