Fair play

As you will no doubt be aware, this weekend was the annual British Birdwatching Fair at Rutland Water Nature Reserve! Being the flagship project of the nature reserve, the Osprey Project was of course a strong presence for the full three days, giving information on the increasing population of ospreys in the area, showing videos of our wonderful breeding ospreys on the nature reserve, and selling our excellent osprey books. The team also gave an inspiring and very well-attended presentation in the Events Marquee to celebrate the project’s 20 year anniversary! Lots of interested people also visited our stand to speak to our dedicated team of staff and volunteers, and gather as much osprey information as they could!


A busy osprey stand at the birdfair!

JJ chatting on our birdfair stand



Tim talks to Rutland Radio

We were also very happy to once again have our Gambian correspondent, JJ, with us for the weekend! He spoke passionately about the work he does with schools in Gambia on behalf of the project.

Tim and JJ at Birdfair

The new osprey book, “Ozzie Leads the Way”, sold very well at our Birdfair stand over the weekend! Author Ken Davies and illustrator Fiona Gomez were both on hand to sign copies!



Thanks to Pete Murray for the above photos!

In osprey news…

Last week, we reported that T6 had set off on her migration, as she had not been seen since the morning of Monday 15th August. It’s been almost a week now and she hasn’t reappeared, so we’re sure she’s not coming back this time! T7 has also set off, and was last seen at 09:50 on Thursday 18th.

You would think this weather might have an effect on when our ospreys leave, but they are quite used to wind and rain – they are hardy creatures and can’t mind adverse weather too much, or they wouldn’t breed in the UK! They don’t migrate primarily due to climate or weather conditions, their migration is fundamentally based on food abundance. However, the abundance of food is affected by the climate, so in a way the two are linked.

At present we still have the two adult ospreys in Manton Bay, and T8. T8 seems ready to go, though, and has been away from the nest for several long periods today, enough to make us think he might have migrated at one point, until he came back! The adults won’t stay for long once T8 has left and they no longer have hungry young to feed, so hurry to the Lyndon Nature Reserve to see them while you still can!


T7 (Photo by John Wright)



One response to “Fair play”

  1. Fiona Gomez

    Thank you guys for a such a lovely weekend at the Birdfair. Went to Manton Bay to sketch from the spotting scope and got a drawing of mum and T8 who were still there when we left at 7pm.