Family Fun Day

On Thursday we held our annual Osprey Family Fun Day, as always it was a great event. Children of all ages had the opportunity to migrate from the U.K. (Lyndon Visitor Centre) to West Africa (Waderscrape Hide), completing a number of different activities and games along the way. At the end of the migration, families were treated to fantastic views of our own osprey family. We also had a bird ringing demonstration, led by our very own Lloyd Park, highlighting some of the other amazing migratory birds we have on the reserve including,  blackcap, common whitethroat, lesser whitethroat and chiff chaff. Overall it was another fantastic day allowing children to learn about ospreys, birds and how to enjoy nature.


The osprey family down in the Bay have been much the same, with 3AU constantly food begging whenever he sees 33. We are also still enjoying visits from a number of intruding ospreys, entertaining visitors in the hides. It won’t be long now until all three are leaving on their migration back to West Africa, let’s hope they stay long enough to enjoy Birdfair weekend.