Family fun

The fall out of the Manton Bay family has continued today as 5R has been chasing his daughter 9F around Manton Bay again.
Whilst 9F is in the nest or on one of the perches in the bay, 5R is more than content to let her sit with the female and her brother, 8F, but as soon as she takes to the sky he leaps into action and chases after her.
There have been a couple of episodes today where we have held our breathes and watched to see the outcome of these chases but we’re pleased to say that on each occasion 9F has out manouvered her father and made it back safely to land on the fallen tree. This seems to have become the favoured resting place for both the juvenile birds from the Manton Bay nest.

With family’s in mind we will be holding our Osprey Family Fun Day at Lyndon on Friday 27th July. Bring your family along and become Ospreys for the day!

4 responses to “Family fun”

  1. Ronnie baker

    Just wonder if Roy Dennis has a view on this adult males behaviour. ? I have emailed him to ask as we had previous email exchanges re the eagle owls on MOD land awhile back.

  2. Liz

    I really enjoy reading about the ospreys. I also follow the Keilder blog and they have the option to follow the blog and have the latests posts emailed through Worldpress, it’s great and means I don’t miss any posts. Are there any plans to set this up for the Rutland Osprey Blog? Thanks

    1. Tim

      Hi Liz,
      Thanks for your comments and really pleased you enjoy the site. We’ll investigate the email options – thanks for suggesting it.

  3. Liz

    Sorry. WordPress not Worldpress.