Fantastic Fishing

In Manton Bay it was a little bit rainy for Maya and the chicks last night, but lucky Maya did everything right and was sat in close to the nest cup. In the morning, once Maya had dried off she treated the chicks to an early breakfast of yesterday’s fish. 


Later on 33 must have set a record of fastest fishing trip this year, being away from the nest for a total of four minutes and eight seconds! We can assume that the fish was caught somewhere close to the Manton Bay nest, this is very unusual for 33 who prefers fishing grounds further away from home. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any reports in the centre of anyone spotting fishing ospreys, but as the whole thing took place in under five minutes that’s not surprising.

33 Leaves the nest at 13:13

33 returns to the nest at 13:17

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This afternoon had been quiet in Manton Bay, Maya has been regularly feeding the chicks and 33 has helped by bringing in lots of nesting material. Let’s hope it’s a drier night tonight!