Fantastic photos of 30(05)

We have all seen the amazing photographs taken of 03(97) at Horn Mill Trout Farm this season; and he continues to delight photographers in the hide by fishing there every day. But it’s not only Horn Mill that the Ospreys use. Here are some amazing photos of female Osprey 30(05) fishing at Ryhall, the sister site of Horn Mill. These photographs were taken earlier this week, by Geoff Harries. Many thanks to Geoff for sharing them with us. 30 will to continue to fish for herself until she settles at a nest and two other birds – 01(09) and 28(10) are also currently fishing at Ryhall on a daily basis. For more details of timings and prices and to book your place in the hides visit River Gwash Trout Farm’s website by clicking here.

Osprey 30 launches off Osprey diving with claws ready Osprey 30 with fish Osprey in the spray Osprey 30 taking fishOsprey 30 leaves with fish

2 responses to “Fantastic photos of 30(05)”

  1. Dolly

    Stunning! Do hope she finds a mate and is able to breed this year.

  2. Sheila FE

    Thank you Kayleigh, they are wonderful photos of 30(05). I really hope he finds a new mate this year.