Farewell from the Osprey Ambassadors

A blog by the Rutland Osprey Project Education team – Jackie, Ken & Pete


Many of our School Osprey Ambassadors met up on Sunday for our final meeting of the year at the Volunteer Training Centre, on the Egleton reserve.

After a brief welcome introduction by Ken, Pete did a picture round-up of the Rutland Osprey year. Then we tucked in to a wonderful spread of cakes, snacks and drinks provided by Liz which included a chocolate osprey cake, nest cupcakes, decorated sponges, jelly, brownies and more! Well done Liz!


Our activities began with Jackie taking a look at osprey and owl feeding. This was followed by a surprisingly popular owl pellet dissection, so we could see what the owls have been eating. We were lucky because Harriet brought some of her cetacean bone collection to look at too!

Owl pellet dissection, with bones extracted.


Ken led a birdwatching session from the upper meeting room which overlooks Lagoon 4. A good bird list, but sadly no ospreys today – most have now left Rutland and are heading south to overwinter in West Africa.

Sadly, this was our last Ambassadors meeting for 2018! Many Ambassadors will return in 2019, but no doubt we will have some new ambassadors taking over in some schools, plus new schools joining in with our activities next year.

The Ambassadors Osprey Club will resume in 2019 with the Ambassadors WOW Warm-up held on Sunday 10th March 2019.

Next year, schools can join in with World Osprey Week (WOW!) 11th-22nd March 2019 for a whole fortnight! By this time the ospreys should be migrating north and some will have already arrived back in Rutland! The Rutland Osprey Project team cannot wait till next year for another exciting season.

Education team, Rutland Osprey Project