Farewell is a lonely sound

This morning dawned bright and fresh – a typical autumn day. I could see my breath in the cool morning air as I walked to my car, which was covered in condensation. The vision that greeted me as I drove over the top of Lyndon Hill was a sight to be savoured. The water was perfectly still, and the trees on Lax Hill, which are just beginning to turn various shades of brown and gold, were reflected in the mirror-like surface of the reservoir. The weak morning sun set off the scene by illuminating the striking colours of the trees, and making the surface of the water sparkle.

The sun’s strength increased throughout the morning, and it turned into a lovely warm day. Another perfect day for setting off on migration. Apparently 33(11) thought so too. He was seen this morning at 08:20, but he has not been seen since. It would therefore appear that he has left us too!

Yesterday, after 51(11) intruded briefly at Manton Bay, he flew off over the hide. The direction of his departure was due south. Therefore, it would seem likely that that was him leaving. This means that 33 was the only Osprey left in Rutland yesterday, and today he has made the decision to leave, as there is no longer a threat to his nest.

Maya has definitely gone, as we thought. We know then, that she left us sometime between 08:30 and 09:00 yesterday morning. We know that Ospreys’ migratory abilities are phenomenal, and based on the data we have received from 30(05)’s satellite transmitter, showing the speed of her progress, it is entirely possible that Maya could already be in France!

So here we are, Osprey-less, at the end of another season. It is weird to think that all the Ospreys have gone, it feels rather desolate. Looking at that live camera, expecting an Osprey to land on it any minute, then remembering that they won’t. Not until next year, that is! The Lyndon Visitor Centre will remain open until Sunday 14th September, and then it will close its doors for the final time this year. The Centre will re-open next spring, on Monday 16th March 2015.

So, will we look back fondly on 33’s time here in Manton Bay this year? To begin with, he didn’t do much to win our affections, what with chasing off 28(10) and erasing any hopes of his eggs hatching, and indeed any eggs hatching in Manton Bay at all. The fallout that followed 33’s arrival was both inevitable and heart-breaking. Suffice to say, he hasn’t been everyone’s favourite Osprey. However, he has won most of us over with his devotion to Maya and the nest over the last few months. His practice run this year should make him an excellent partner for Maya next season.

Next year, 33 must ensure he gets back in time to stop any other Ospreys moving in on his territory in the early spring. This year he arrived back on 13th April, so he will have to do better than that! He had no real pressing reason to arrive back early this year, but now he has a mate and a nest, and a duty to fulfil. So let’s hope he gets here in time!

Maya and 33(11) looking about for intruders

Here’s to next season, when, hopefully, there will be chicks in this nest once again


5 responses to “Farewell is a lonely sound”

  1. Valerie

    Just to say thank you to everyone for a wonderful season , Kayleigh your blogs are awesome thank you , it was lovely to see you Paul Tim Lynda and everyone else at the Birdfair this year and see you all next year . Wishing all your ospreys safe travels and see some of you back March time 🙂

  2. SunnyKate

    Kayleigh Thank you so much for all the work you do and the wonderful Blogs that you so cleverly and sincerely post, the way you involve everyone, and in particular us arm chair viewers is truly amazing.

    I was so fortunate to capture 33 with his Fish yesterday on the nest, but he did look sad, waiting fruitlessly for his True love, having fought so hard for her attention earlier. I can’t wait for Feb/March and trust they will all be back safe and sound, to enthrall us for another Season.

  3. Chocoholix

    Kayleigh, thank you for your brilliantly written and detailed blogs all this season. I have really enjoyed reading them all as the ups and downs of Maya, 28 and 33’s exploits unfolded, and you have described the scenes wonderfully. I enjoyed your musical titles all season – I looked forward to which song you would come up with next! The trip down memory lane to the earlier translocation years was also really interesting. All very much appreciated!

  4. Sheila FE

    A beautiful blog, Kaleigh, to mark the end of what turned out to be a wonderful season. Blue 33(11) very much endeared himself to me as well, and I look forward to seeing them both next year. Thank you too Kayleigh for your thoughtful and entertaining blogs and hope to see you in 2015 as well

  5. scylla

    Thank you from me, too, Kayleigh. What a season it has been, and what a beautiful couple we ended up with – heartfelt wishes for the return of Blue33 the champion nestbuilder and Maya the superb housekeeper, next season.