Favourite Osprey Videos

Here are a selection of short video clips of the Rutland Ospreys which can be used to show some key osprey activities. The clips can be used as starting points for creative writing or to show behaviours that can be recorded as part of a science behaviour study.

The winner of the Ospreys and Us competition!

Bringing fish to the nest

Another fish:


Fish delivery sequence:


Live fish- In which 33 lets go of a fish in the nest


33 bringing a huge trout in


How Ospreys learn to fly

Energetic wing flapping – exercise those wing muscles.


S3 helicoptering-Learning to fly!


S3’s first landing- not the best


S1 flies around and comes back!


Young chicks are fed by the parent birds


Chicks feeding, one week old:


Close up of chick feeding:


Osprey Catches a fish

Try searching U-tube using “Osprey catching a fish” for video sequences. Here is a video of Rutland male 5R(04) catching a fish in Manton Bay in 2011.