Feed the birds

Recently we have had some problems with the live camera on the Manton Bay nest. Unfortunately, it has stopped working, and we are currently trying to find out the reason why so we can rectify it. This means that there are no new pictures or video footage of the Ospreys on the nest that we can share with you! We apologise for this and hope to have it sorted out soon.

Maya and 33(11) are of course spending less time on the nest itself at the moment, so we are not missing all that much without the nest camera. They have been present in the Bay most of the day today. They shared a fish very early this morning, and 33(11) hasn’t been fishing again since. He often likes to go later in the day, so perhaps there will be another fish this evening.

The feeding station in the meadow in front of the Lyndon Visitor Centre is always a delight. It attracts a diverse range of species, including Tree Sparrows, Yellowhammers, Great-Spotted Woodpeckers and an abundance of tits and finches. Just recently, the branch holding the feeders has become brittle and has collapsed more than once! So today, we decided to find a suitable new branch. And find one we did! We pruned it to our specifications and installed it in place of the old one. This new branch is much sturdier, straighter and also taller than the old one, so the feeders can be seen above the long grass. The birds didn’t wait long to dash back to it when we had finished!

The old feeding station before the tree collapsed

The old feeding station before the branch collapsed for the first time! (Photo by PS)

The new feeding station we installed today (PS)

The new feeding station we installed today (PS)

Tree Sparrows on the feeder

Tree Sparrows on the feeder (PS)