Feeding, washing, resting…

We’re now getting to the time of year when an empty nest in Manton Bay is becoming a regular sight on the webcam. The chicks are spending more time on their new favourite perches around the nest and 1J has even been venturing further afield. Here is another fantastic video from Dave Cole showing what the Manton Bay Ospreys got up to yesterday.

4 responses to “Feeding, washing, resting…”

  1. John Cheney

    Great video Dave, very enjoyable to watch and see the Ospreys active and looking well. John.

  2. Andy, London UK

    Wonderful video, great shooting, and lovely to see the family doing well. Is Mum catching a few fish too now, or have the youngster started acquiring the skills of the catch? There was a lot of it about!

  3. Lynne Holding & family

    Just watched beautiful video by Dave Cole.

    Thankyou to all of you for bringing the story of the Manton Bay Ospreys into my home ( via webcam ) for the last few months.

    We have all enjoyed watching them and will miss them greatly when you switch the camera off.

    Hoping to visit Rutland this weekend or next.

    Thank you all again.

    Lynne Holding

  4. Val and Doug Thompson

    Lovely video. We were at Manton Bay on 24th and 25th July, in lovely weather, and saw the whole family coming and going – and eating. Recommend a visit while they are all still here. It is a fabulous place.