Festive Work Parties, Sloe Gin and Scallops…

Since the beginning of November the Osprey Project staff and volunteers have been keeping busy by attending weekly winter work parties. These get-togethers have provided a great opportunity for us to get our hands dirty and carry out some important conservation work on the nature reserve at Lyndon. Over the last few weeks we have been coppicing, creating wonderful weaved willow fences and clearing vegetation in front of several hides. Yesterday we decided to have a go at managing part of the woodland on the way down to Waderscrape hide. A good woodland needs plenty of open space and shrubby areas along the edge, often known as scallops. This creates a mosaic of habitats for many plants, insects, mammals and birds.

We decided to create a new scallop next to the path between Tufted Duck hide and Waderscrape hide. We cleared the willow and used the logs to make a habitat pile and the rest of the willow was used to make a brash fence around the back of the scallop.

We then all retired to the Lyndon Visitor Centre for some of Tim’s venison stew and Paul’s Sloe Gin. A job well done.

Today another group of volunteers met and created another scallop close to the one we made yesterday, followed by more stew and even more Sloe Gin. Well done everyone!