Final farewell

It has finally happened – Manton Bay is devoid of ospreys. After spending yesterday alone in the bay, 33 set off on his migration to his wintering grounds this morning at around 10:00. We are sad to see them go, as always, and it was great that the two adults stayed for as long as they did! We have had a fantastic season this year, with 33 and Maya being the stars of our show as always in Manton Bay. The three chicks they raised this year bring Maya’s total to 17 over the six years she has bred! The other successful nests around the area raised 12 young, which means this year’s total is a whopping 15 chicks from seven nests. This is the same number as last season, and so equals the best year we’ve ever had! This season we very nearly had an eighth nest – Lagoon Four – and there were also several unattached males in the area, so we are eager to see what happens next year!

33 and Maya on the camera perch

Farewell 33 and Maya


Unfortunately we can’t follow Maya and 33 on their journeys, but we can follow 30(05)! 30 has now been migrating for ten days, and has covered a total of 2295 miles / 3694 km since leaving Rutland. In the past two days since we received data, she has travelled 430 miles / 692 km through the Sahara. You can see her latest position in the image below.


30’s position at 7pm on 7th September


After passing through Morocco in three days, 30 travelled over the Guelmim-es-Semara region, which boasts a brilliant landscape of sculptured ridges, as you can see in the images below. She flew over the same area last season. 




Zoomed in


30 roosted in the middle of the desert last night, and today will have continued on her southwards trajectory. She is now well on her way to Senegal – there are only 540 miles / 869 km left to go!

I wonder where she will be when we next receive data…? She might even be there, on her perch on the beach…

30 photographed on the beach by John Wright last winter



6 responses to “Final farewell”

  1. Nick and Nadine

    Thank you Rutland Osprey team for keeping us updated with these stunning birds. We too are sad to see them go and look forward to next season. Best of luck to all the birds, may their winter be safe, warm and restful.

  2. Bill tinsley

    Hope to visit next year..
    Many thanks..

  3. Linda wallace

    Wonderful to see them safe…..thanks to every one at Rutland. For giving us another wonderful season with these magnificent osprey!

  4. Sheila FE

    Thank you Kayleigh. Another sad day, but what a wonderful season 2016 has turned out to be. Farewell 33, you’ve been an amazing Dad and partner, and may we welcome back again next year.
    Knowing that the ROP produced 15 chicks from seven nests including the three from MB, is a truly remarkable achievement over your twenty years. Well done to Roy Dennis and all those involved from its inception until today. You should all be justly proud. Here’s to 2017, but meantime stay safe all those who have flown from our shore.

  5. Wendy

    It is sad that all the Manton Bay ospreys have now departed – as we knew they would eventually. It has been a bonus that Maya and 33 stayed as long as they did and we can only wish them and their youngsters safe journey, a happy wintering and look forward to their return. It will be interesting to see if any of their 2015 chicks return next year. Thank you Kayleigh for your wonderful updates and we look forward to hearing about 30(05) over the winder months.

  6. Andy

    Many many thanks, Kayleigh, for having kept us all in the loop again. Each season becomes more fascinating that the last! I’ve really enjoyed the videos shot from the hide as well, they’ve been awesome and have had repeated viewings from here.

    Here’s to those amazing birds and a happy return next year.