First chick hatches!

Brilliant news from Manton Bay – the first chick hatched just after 6pm this evening! Here’s the wonderful moment we saw the tiny youngster for the first time

Maya looking down at her newly-hatched chick

At this stage the youngster is still incredibly weak and Maya spent the majority of the chick’s first hour brooding it. However, from time to time she stood up and shuffled around, giving us fleeting glimpses.

Maya settling down to brood the chick

Maya settling down to brood the chick

For a more prolonged view we needed 33 to catch a fish. Sure enough, at 7:05pm, he dived and caught a roach close to the Lyndon Visitor Centre. He flew back to be bay and, like usual, landed on the nest-side t-perch with it. It was a good-sized fish and there was still plenty of it left when he took it to the nest 50 minutes later. At this stage 33 was still unaware that the chick had hatched; but that all changed as soon as he landed next to Maya. Here’s the moment he saw the youngster for the first time. You can almost see his surprise…

33 looking down at his newly-hatched chick for the first time

33 looking down at his newly-hatched chick for the first time

The chick is still too young to feed (at this early stage it is too weak even to hold its head up) and so after eating some of the fish herself, Maya left the remains on the side of the nest so that she could try again later.

20 minutes later Maya did try to feed the chick again, but it was still took weak…

Being an experienced mother, Maya knows exactly what she’s doing. She’ll keep trying to feed the chick but it may be that it won’t have its first meal until the early hours of tomorrow.

Maya trying to feed the newly-hatched chick

Maya trying to feed the newly-hatched chick

The next few days will make for fascinating viewing and so make sure that you put the webcam on tomorrow morning or, even better, come and see us at Lyndon over the bank holiday weekend. With a bit of luck, there should be two more hatchings to follow in the coming days….

10 responses to “First chick hatches!”

  1. Valerie Webber

    Watched it all Tim 🙂 love to you all at Rutland and many congratulations . So loved the look on 33’s face when he saw the chick – priceless .

  2. anita squires

    Absolutely amazing news I just missed chick 1s arrival I turned off minutes before I have been glued to the webcams since this year’s nest was built its so exciting

  3. Louise Bigland

    Brilliant viewing!!!

  4. Katie Marshall

    Just beautiful to watch 🙂

  5. Iain Moody

    Wonderful to see the 1st chick hatch, can’ t wait to see the others. We camped ar Lyndon Top last weekend & was so good to visit the centre & visit the hides, even tho’ it was rather windy. Cannot get any housework done cos too busy osprey watching at Manton Bay in Rutland,Dyfi in Wales, Loch Garton, & also the swan cam at Bishops Palace in Wells. Wish we lived nearer to Rutland Water so our grandchildren could take advantage of the educational team, but Warwickshire is too far away

  6. Mike

    Great to see the chick get stronger so quickly. I was laughing here in Perth=Western Australia- as Maya kept trying to brood and the chick kept wiggling out with head up and beak open seeking food…. also I was lucky enough to see fish dinner delivered by 33 and Maya and the chick eagerly eating.

    Great site and thanks to all involved

  7. Bill Hunt

    just seen the second chick!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bill Hunt

    Catching up on the news since number one hatched, chatting with my father-in-law about what he had been watching today when 33 arrived and Maya stood back away from the chick and eggs…..then there it was, more movement and it became clear this was number 2, back end still in the egg!! What a moment!!Congratulations Maya and 33!! What a privilege to see such an event!!

  9. Mike Simmonds

    Good to see Tim. Regards to all.

  10. Jodie Mellowship

    Absolutely loved the video clip of 33 seeing his first chick for the first time, he seemed shocked and seemed to do a double take! Well done to him and Maya and may the other two hatch safely. Congratulations to the birds and the team!