First to pass the post

Yesterday evening we had some very exciting news – the first osprey has made it back to Rutland! It is 25(10), a breeding female from one of the outlying nest sites.Β She is always an early bird, last year she arrived on 22nd March. She’s usually the second or third to arrive, but this season has pipped 03(97) to the post and arrived first!

Ironically, 25 was spotted yesterday evening sitting at the Site B nest!


25(10) at Site B on 17th March 2016. Photos by John Wright.


It is not unusual for females, whilst waiting for their mates to return, to visit other nests in the area. Last year 25 visited several of the nests in the Rutland area, including Manton Bay, so she may well visit the bay again this season!

Here she is sitting on the Manton Bay nest last year:

25(10) from 2015

03(97) might be the next to arrive, or perhaps Maya and 33(11) will also be early this season? We must wait and see. Keep your eyes on the website for news, and the webcam for ospreys!



15 responses to “First to pass the post”

  1. Diane O'Connor

    “The early bird catches the worm”,so to speak!
    I love the work you are doing!

  2. Mike Simmonds

    Great news Kayleigh.

  3. Diane

    Great news. Followed Maya and 33 all the way through last year. Will be making a few visits to the centre this year without a doubt. Love what you do.

  4. Cath

    Great news, we may be lucky again in Coventry if the one we’ve been seeing the last 2 years decides to visit again.

  5. Hilary Mallela

    Great news and pics. Now the fun begins!

  6. Sandra Evans

    Great news. Planning a visit at Easter and wondered if any birds would be back by then. Exciting start to the season. Watching 30s progress closely. See you all soon!

  7. BecOwl

    Fantastic. Coming to visit in a couple of weeks so hoping Maya and 33 will be back by then. πŸ™‚

  8. Christine Perry

    Lone Osprey Seen this afternoon 18/3/16 on cliffs just south of Mullion Cove on the Lizard Peninsular Cornwall, whilst walking the coast path. I wonder where it was heading

  9. Jane Clarke

    That’s great news. So looking forward to our visit to Rutland in April . See you all soon.

  10. Anne



    Afternoon of 18th (3pm) saw an osprey flying over Little Bytham/ Holywell in a direct flight path for Rutland Water. Only 8 miles to go. Distant view, but no doubt. So John had better be looking out for more this weekend.

  12. Henfeathers

    That goose on Maya’s nest is going to be in trouble! Oh – so happy it is that time of year again!

  13. Suzie

    Is there any more news of 30’s migration?

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      There will be soon

  14. Peter Eggleton

    Hi, although I have ospreys flying over my garden,fishing in the river a few hundred meters away, it is always a great thrill to comeback to Rutland each year for the fishing and a chance to see the Rutland birds.
    Keep up the good work everyone,and good luck for this sesong.

    Best wishes Peter

    Southern Norway.