First to the fish

We’ve had lots of action on the nest over the past couple of days, with our chicks spending plenty of their time there. Yesterday the action started early as we witnessed 2AM eating a fish on the nest at around 4.20am, in complete darkness! This is quite unusual for our ospreys – perhaps he was hoping that by starting early he could eat in peace without any hassle from 2AN?

Later 33 spent some time adding to the nest, bringing in a grassy clump just after 7am and a large amount of hay at around 10.15am.

2AM soon took advantage of this cosy addition to the nest and quickly settled down in the new hay! 33 looked like he was thinking about mantling at an intruder around about this time so it’s possible 2AM was dropping down to camouflage himself, and the new hay provided the perfect spot to blend into.

He stayed there for quite a while…
…before shifting around to face the other way (his body at least!)

2AN looking at the camera

2AN looking at the camera

Settling down on the nest like this meant 2AM was in prime position to grab the first whole fish of the day, when it eventually arrived at 1.31pm.

It is quite unusual for 2AM to beat 2AN to a fish, and his inexperience at tucking into a whole fish showed as he struggled to break off that first piece – in all it took him 5 minutes to get his first mouthful!

After that there was no stopping him though – in total he spent around 50 minutes eating the fish, even managing to hold onto it when 2AN landed on the nest at around 2pm.

The only brief distraction from eating came when Maya dive bombed a cormorant just behind the nest!

It was around 2.20pm when Maya landed on the nest, throwing 2AM off his stride – Maya then took some of the trout innards 2AM had left to the side of the fish after struggling to eat them whole. A minute or so later 2AN then started tucking into the trout (Warning – the ‘Innards’ video is not for the squeamish!)

We had a wet and blustery start to the day at Lyndon this morning, but that didn’t deter 33 from fishing. He brought in the first fish at 05.36 this morning, and we saw a return to the status quo as 2AN immediately took the fish, with 2AM this time being the one to get some trout innards!

Later, at around quarter past 6, Maya got her turn with the fish.

We’ve also seen some nesting material brought to the nest this morning, firstly by 2AM who arrived with a bit of poplar tree, probably accidentally as it seemed to be stuck to his foot!

He then left the leaves in the middle of the nest as he took a walk around the edge, but later when he finally left the nest the leaves seemed to be stuck to his foot again.

33 also brought a lovely lichen-covered stick to the nest at around 08.42.

To end today’s blog, here is a sequence of photos showing our chicks practicing their synchronized wing flapping yesterday afternoon!