First views of the new chick!

As you’ll know if you’ve been watching the webcam, the first chick hatched at Manton Bay this morning. The first look we got of the new-arrival was just after 6am when 5R brought a stick in to the nest. At this stage the tiny chick could barely hold its head upright, so must have only just hatched. We’ll posted more updates through the day, but for now, keep watching the webcam! What a great start to the day!

2 responses to “First views of the new chick!”

  1. Jim

    I reckon it was approx 0620hrs when the egg hatched. The female was disturbed by 5R and when she stood up the egg split and a fresh Osprey appeared! Magic!

  2. gallygirl

    I missed it by around 10 minutes then! A group of us are watching – lovely to see it getting stronger by the hour.