Fish of the day

In the past few days it seems the fish of choice for 33 has changed from roach to trout. Just as we were closing the visitor centre yesterday he brought in a huge fish which kept the family going until breakfast.

33 brought another trout to the nest this morning just after 6am. It was another big fish and there have been leftovers on the nest for much of the day. These big fish have most likely come from the reservoir, which is stocked with around 80,000 trout per year!

After yesterday, where 2AN tucked into a fish independently straight after 33 brought it to the nest, she has continued to attempt to feed herself. These meals have also been supplemented with fish from Maya.

The chicks continue to build strength in their wings, and earlier today 2AN even managed to get airborne – to be fair it was only for a millisecond but long enough for us to get a screenshot!



2AN also made an attempt where she knocked Maya on the head a little – Maya didn’t seem to mind though!

2AM isn’t far behind with his attempts, and will soon be catching his sister up!

Yesterday evening 2AN moved a stick on the edge of the nest. She ended up moving it into a tricky position and spent the next hour, on and off, trying to lay it flat again.

When 2AN gave up Maya took over – again spending a lot of time on the stick!

Eventually, finally, Maya managed to unlodge the stick and lay it flat against the nest. The two of them were certainly kept busy for a while!

To end, here is a lovely clip of our chicks huddled next to each other, and 2AN having a sleepy stretch and flaunting that new leg jewelry…

…and the chicks a moment later, looking a little more alert!
The 2 chicks

The 2 chicks

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