Fish supper

Since opening their photography hides in July 2014, the River Gwash Trout Farm has been visited by many people wishing to witness (and photograph) the amazing spectacle of ospreys fishing at close quarters. The hides are very popular, as ospreys fish there regularly! Ospreys have already been visiting the trout farm’s ponds this year, and bookings are now being taken for the 2016 season!

Male ospreys 28(10), 11(10) and 33(11) were all spotted fishing at Horn Mill yesterday, and these amazing photographs were taken by Geoff Harries!

Bendy11 fish farm 33 fish farm

28 and 33 both frequently fished at the Ryhall site last season, but 11 has never visited either of the trout farm’s sites before. 11 is a six-year-old male who has bred for several years, and is one of 14 ospreys who have returned to Rutland recently!

Last season, 03(97) was a regular visitor to Horn Mill, and was seen there almost daily. Sadly, with each passing day it seem less likely that he will return this season. We cannot lose hope just yet, however, as there is still a slim chance he is just very late. At present, though, 03’s absence at Horn Mill is surely a significant reason why more ospreys are now fishing at that site, as he used to chase off any other birds who attempted to do so.

Click here to see River Gwash Trout Farm’s website and book a place in the hides!

11 again



3 responses to “Fish supper”

  1. Roos Tamerus

    Fantastic captures!

  2. Paul Woodham

    Superb pictures thanks for posting them.

  3. Lin

    Ab fab photography – thank you so much!