Fish wars

Our chicks are continuing to fly successfully around the bay – soon they may start to venture further afield, but for now if you are looking at an empty nest on the webcam, the chances are the chicks are only a few metres away, just out of sight. They always return to the nest for fish, and sometimes for no reason at all – this morning our 2 chicks returned to the nest and snuggled together for a nap, just as they used to before fledging!
They aren’t so content with each others company when a fish arrives though, and we’ve seen some great ‘tug of war’ type situations over the past couple of days between the 2 chicks, Maya, and 33. 2AN seems to consistently win these battles and always ends up with her share of the fish first. More often than not now, 33 is eating the head of the fish before bringing it to the nest – maybe he wants to avoid a battle with 2AN! Here is a headless trout he brought to the nest yesterday morning…

…and here is 2AN, snatching it from Maya!

In this clip from yesterday evening, 2AN grabs the headless trout straight from 33.

And in this clip from this morning, we see 33 bring in the fish – Maya gets to it first, before having it snatched by 2AM – success at last for our male chick! Not for long though, as almost immediately 2AN turns up and takes the fish from him!

Thankfully, as 33 is such a brilliant fisherman, there is always enough food to go around – whenever 2AN has finished her share there is always plenty left for Maya and 2AM.
In addition to regular fish deliveries, we have also seen regular intrusions at the nest! Yesterday afternoon there was an intruding osprey about – you can just about make it out in the background of this clip, being chased off by Maya.

Intruder in background, being chased

Intruder in background, being chased

About half an hour later, Maya returned to the nest to help 33 defend their territory.
As well as an intruding osprey, there was also a much smaller visitor to the nest yesterday – a pied wagtail! There are plenty of juvenile pied wagtails around the bay at the moment, with up to 30 individuals being counted over the weekend from Shallow Water hide. Seeing this tiny bird on the nest gives you a good idea of just how huge it is!

Finally, here is a shot of Maya and the chicks on the nest early this morning, with the beginnings of a wonderful Rutland sunrise reflected in the water behind them.

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  1. Paul Close

    Lovely …..coming to see them today