Fisherman’s blues

The wonderful fisherman that is 33 is still doing a magnificent job of keeping himself and Maya well fed. We have already seen a wide array of fish delivered this season, from enormous trout and roach to smaller perch and a bream or two. Sometimes, the fish are so huge we wonder how 33 manages to carry them to the nest! Monday’s was a good example – 33 caught it late morning, and delivered it to the nest at 12:01, which is unusual as 33 generally fishes in the morning or early evening. However, the wind may have played a part in slowing down his progress. The fish in question was a trout, and it was the biggest yet this year! We actually saw him flying past the Lyndon Centre with it, very low to the water – it was so big it would have been difficult for him to gain any height!

33 with huge trout

Huge fish!

This boy will have no problems at all feeding four chicks!

Today’s fish was delivered to the nest at 14:08, and this one still had its head! It looked like a perch, and as it was only small 33 brought it straight to Maya on the nest without eating any first. What a gentleman! Fishing must have been difficult for him today, as the wind was so strong there were waves on the reservoir!

It didn’t take Maya long to finish the perch, and she was back on the nest within half an hour. So 33 didn’t get any of that fish – I wonder if he’ll attempt to fish again later.


This morning there was another intruder at the Manton Bay nest. 33 wasn’t around at the time, which was between 07:40 & 08:00. Maya was on the nest and defended it admirably. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get an ID on the intruding osprey as the bird didn’t come quite close enough to the nest to be picked up on the high res camera, and the wide angle camera is quite dark in the mornings. We captured these two videos though, and it looks like the bird is bearing leg rings. We think it was probably S6.


Maya not happy!

There appeared to be another intruder at 10:35 – 33 was there this time and flew in to mantle beside Maya, who didn’t seem that bothered. This intruder must have been further away and was therefore less of a threat. There was no sign of it on the camera.

The rest of the day passed in relative peace and quiet, with a stick delivery by 33 and a couple of incubation changeovers.

33 bringing stick

Here is a video of Maya and 33 swapping over at night! Maya does do the majority of the incubating during the night, but 33 won’t be left out, and likes to do a bit!

33 incubating



2 responses to “Fisherman’s blues”

  1. Ann Creasey

    Really looking forward to the eggs hatching. There’s about nine days between the first and last egg being laid so would the last chick be at any disadvantage being that far behind? I hope not, as Maya and 33 are such brilliant parents!

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      There shouldn’t be any problems, Ann. 33 is such a good provider there will be plenty of food to go around.