Fishing frenzy

As we have reported previously on the website, last year we helped Lawrence Ball and Jamie Weston to build photography hides at their two fish farm sites in Rutland. In recent years the local Ospreys had started to have a significant impact on fish stocks. After discussing the problem with us, Lawrence agreed that the best way forward was to take a pro-active approach; to actively encourage the birds to take fish close to purpose-built photography hides.  The hides were completed last summer, but they have really come into their own in recent weeks, when up to five different birds have been taking fish.  Geoff Harries has sent us a series of stunning photos that show 03(97), 01(09), 28(10) and 33(11) in action at the two sites at Horn Mill and Ryhall (51(11) is the other bird that has visited recently). If you would like further information, or to book a place in the hides, check out the River Gwash Trout Farm website. To see more of Geoff’s brilliant photos, make sure you visit his website too.

1 Osprey O1 plucks fish from water 2 2 Ospreyo1 wings folded 2 3 Osprey O1 nice wing spread 4 Osprey O1 wings spread 2 5 Osprey O1 takes away fish 2 6 Osprey O1 close up

03(97) - Mr Rutland

03(97) – Mr Rutland



You may have seen 33 deliver this trout to the Manton Bay nest!

You may have seen 33 deliver this trout to the Manton Bay nest!

3 responses to “Fishing frenzy”

  1. Inge Dorthea Pinstrup Sorensen

    These photos are really fantastic… very beautiful.
    What an amazing sight, I would love to be there, taking photos myself.
    Difficult as I live in Denmark…went up to Dunkeld in May last year to see the Ospreys at the Lowes and it was a great trip.
    I follow them on webcam all through the season,dear old Lady will be missed, she was very special and a huge ambassador for Osprey conservation across the world.
    The chicks at the Lowes are a huge succes too, all doing so well and getting ready for their first migration. I so hope that they will survive and find a good place to live, all three of them. Kind regards, Inge.

  2. Alice Dovell

    Hello Tim. Thanks for posting those beautiful photos by Geoff Harries. Just perfect especially the one of my favourite Blue33! Many thanks

  3. Andy

    Thanks heavens the fish farmers took a positive approach – these are fabulous, so blessings on their creativity without which we would not see this. (Props to Geoff for the terrific shots, I’m assuming Nikon was involved in this too).