Fishing in the dark

The weather certainly changed dramatically today! Yesterday was sunny and bright, yet today dawned drizzly. The rain continued for most of the morning, and poor Maya looked rather miserable as she sat on the nest, covering the chicks to keep them warm and dry.

A wet Maya this morning

A wet Maya this morning


Despite the rain, the chicks need feeding, so 33 dutifully delivered on the fish front, and Maya gladly fed them. As soon as they were finished, she sat straight back down on top of them to stop them from getting too wet.


Fortunately, by the afternoon the rain let up and it began to brighten. 33 started to bring in lots of sticks, and both adults sorted them out whilst the chicks slept contentedly. They are still very nest proud, and rightly so, as it is looking lovely and colourful with all the lichen!


And of course that wasn’t the end of the fish – 33 delivered two more in the afternoon! All three chicks appear to be getting a fair share of food. Sometimes the closest chick to Maya gets the lion’s share, as you would expect – she will feed the one who seems to want it most. However, even if this is so, the chicks will stop eating when they are full, and will turn away, allowing the next chick in line to be fed, and so on and so forth.


New fish



2 responses to “Fishing in the dark”

  1. Jenny Still

    Great pictures and blog Kayleigh – many thanks. Good to see 3 chicks doing so well – great parenting!

  2. David

    I agree with Jenny: good work, Kayleigh!