Fishing in the wind

What a windy day! The reservoir looked like the North Sea, with huge waves across its surface. It has still been relatively warm, though, and the sun even came out this afternoon! Due to the warmth, the chicks have been uncovered for most of the day. Maya finds it hard to cover them all now, as they are so big, and when they get their feathers they will be able to regulate their own temperature. They are getting better at moving around now, and are becoming more adventurous and straying to the sides of the nest. Maya keeps a close eye on them, and they cannot venture into danger as the nest is built up at the edges. They seem to like resting their heads on the sticks at the side of the nest, and have sometimes been seen nibbling at the twigs!

Those enormous two-week-old chicks are still being stuffed full of fish. 33 delivered another pike early this morning, and an enormous roach later on! The roach was so huge it lasted until well into the afternoon.


The chicks are also getting adept at projectile poo! Ospreys are very clean birds, and do not soil the nest. The adults usually go for a fly round and evacuate on the wing, and the youngsters point their bottoms towards the sides of the nest and aim over the edge! When they get steadier on their feet they do an even better job, and it often travels a considerable distance!

It’s a good job the ospreys don’t have a very acute sense of smell, as they often get up close and personal with the remains of fish in the nest!