‘Fishing’ Red Kites

In central England you can safely say that if you see a large bird of prey diving into the water to take a fish, it will be an Osprey. Or can you? Over the past few weeks several photographers have been getting some great images of Red Kites taking fish at River Gwash Trout Farm at Ryhall in Rutland. Over the course of the summer we have worked with Lawrence Ball and Jamie Weston to build photography hides at Ryhall and at Lawrence’s second site at Horn Mill. Although Osprey fishing activity has dropped off at both sites in recent weeks, Red Kites have been diving into the ponds at Ryhall to take dead fish. As these superb photos by Geoff Harries show, it is making for a quite a spectacle.

The kites are likely to continue to take fish in this way for the next few weeks, so it is well worth booking a spot in the hide at Ryhall. To do so, email rivergwashtroutfarm.ospreys@yahoo.com. For more information about the hide and also the one at Horn Mill Trout Farm, click here

GH Red Kites 3GH Red Kite 2
GH Red Kite 1

4 responses to “‘Fishing’ Red Kites”

  1. Susan McVey

    Wow, I didn’t realise that Kites done this. The Pictures are absolutely STUNNING.
    Thank you for sharing them. Susan x

  2. Mike Simmonds

    Tim What amazing shots. Whoever would have thought it?!

  3. Barry Costello

    As Red Kites are scavengers I guess it makes sense they would take dead trout, truly great pictures of one of my favourite birds of prey.

  4. June Atkinson

    Red kites are opportunistic and would certainly take fish if the conditions afforded were right.
    Equally, they would snatch fish in shallow or rock-strewn rivers.