Fishy business

Whilst the ospreys are incubating and just have the two of them to feed, they only need one or two fish per day between them, depending on the size of fish. 33 usually goes fishing in the morning and/or in the early evening. Yesterday evening 33 caught a fish in the south arm, and we saw him fly past the Lyndon centre with it! He took it straight to Maya on the nest, instead of eating part of it first. Usually, and especially if it’s a big fish, 33 will eat the head and then take the rest to Maya. However, with smaller fish he often takes them straight to Maya, then either eats the tail end or goes to catch another one for himself!


Whole fish

Maya takes fish

Early this morning 33 caught a tiny fish and ate it all himself, without bringing Maya any. She wasn’t going to go hungry, though! At about 10:00, 33 was seen flying past the Lyndon Centre, low over the water carrying a large fish, which turned out to be a roach. He eventually came to the nest with it at 10:32, after first eating the head. It was a big ‘un! Maya gratefully grabbed it and flew off to tuck in, whilst 33 happily sat on the eggs.

33 with fish


And so the harmony continues! 33 will always ensure that both he and Maya have enough to eat, whether he catches a small fish each or they share a large one. When the chicks come along we know that 33 will catch plenty of fish to feed them all, as he has proven his abilities over the past two years. Often there has been too much fish for Maya and the three young, and fish have been left on the nest for later. Therefore, chick number four won’t go hungry either!

Here are some photos from the past two years, proving that sometimes there is just too much fish to eat!



Enough fish to go around