Fishy business

Looking at the state of the weather today, it’s no surprise that Maya, 33 and S3 are all still with us! S1 and S2 have definitely begun their long journey south – there was a slim possibility that they might reappear, but they have not. So it is just S3 who’s left, but she seems in no hurry. She is still being very well fed by both Maya and 33. The rain clearly didn’t hinder their fishing today, as this morning three fish were delivered in the space of half an hour! When we arrived at the centre, S3 and Maya were both on the nest eating one each.

S3 and Maya each with fish

S3 and Maya on the nest with a fish each


Later on, Maya took one fish to the T-perch, and S3 followed her over there. They remained there for the majority of the morning, sitting in the rain.

S3 and Maya on perch

S3 and Maya on the T-perch

S3 moving closer to Mum

S3 edges closer to Mum


Whilst they lounged on the perch, a cheeky black-headed gull landed on the nest and helped itself to the abandoned fish!

Gull scoffing

Gull eating the fish


Then a crow decided to join in the party, flying in with a flourish and flushing the gull!

The crow almost took off with the fish, but ended up just pulling it to the side of the nest, where it got wedged. S3 struggled to reach this fish to get it back, but she didn’t give up, and in the end she managed it!

S3 reaches fish

S3 reaches fish


One response to “Fishy business”

  1. Andy

    When I tuned in yesterday, there was a “small half” of the fish on the left of the nest and a gull looking very nervous and not touching it – after looking round the horizon a few times, the gull flew off of its own accord. It really puts into perspective just how big ospreys are, though, the gull didn’t look that big in the context of the nest!