Fishy feeling

The Manton Bay ospreys have been entertaining visitors to the reserve again recently, as usual! All three juveniles are still around, thankfully there have been no more disappearances! Since she returned on Tuesday evening, T6 has become quite precious about fish, not wanting to share! We think she must have been somewhere where food was unavailable, and therefore won’t have eaten for four days, so who can blame her for wanting it all the time now! As expected, 33 and Maya have been catching enough fish to go around though, so there is always plenty for everyone. Here is T8 yesterday with an enormous whole fish!

T8 scoffing

Even though Maya is now also catching fish, and has always been gracious towards her chicks, for some reason she decided yesterday that she wanted the fish T6 was holding, and she tried to steal it from her! It was by no means a vicious theft attempt, T6 just held on tightly as Maya pulled. At one point T6 was standing on the fish with both feet, and she got pulled along on top of it as Maya dragged it towards her! T6 prevailed in the end, and kept her fish!

Maya stealing fish

T6’s injury seemed to be a lot better before her mystery disappearance, and now she is back we can see that it has definitely completely healed. She can hold fish with it and put all of her weight on just that leg, so there are no problems or issues with it anymore, thank goodness! This means she will be able to catch fish on her own when necessary.

All three chicks

With all the fish deliveries there have been recently, the juveniles, and particularly T6, have been on the nest quite a lot. However, when we see them fly off the nest, where do they go and what do they get up to? This latest video by Dave Cole shows you just that! Thanks Dave for this excellent footage!

3 chicks



3 responses to “Fishy feeling”

  1. Andy

    Another fabulous video and great nest footage and pics. The nest just had a visitor, possibly a juvenile tern (although didn’t quite match, had a black tail and ringed neck). Anyway, it was cleaning up the nest of any stray bits of fish, as if the Manton Bay family had hired a char-lady to clean up after them. Such opulence!

  2. David

    What he said.

  3. Christine williams

    Super video, lovely to watch. Thank you.