Flapping in the rain

It’s been a soggy week for the Manton Bay chicks so we are glad to see they are all looking well!

The chicks are sleeping, preening, wing stretching and flapping far more often than previous weeks. In 2-3 weeks time they should be strong enough to make their first flight from the nest under Maya’s watchful eye.

This afternoon there were fish deliveries and more nest exploring. At around 3 pm we saw 33 and Maya mantling while the chicks close to the nest floor. There was an intruding osprey, and it was incredible to watch the Manton Bay pair working together.

Keep an eye on the fabulous parental teamwork and fantastic fours flapping on our webcam!

2 responses to “Flapping in the rain”

  1. Jodie Mellowship

    Fantastic, thank you! They can’t be far from being ringed now surely? It will be nice to see who’s who

  2. Susan Blanchard

    Wonderful to see even here in Australia. I visited Rutland with my cousin on a visit to UK it was amazing and the story of how the Osprey were saved from the egg robbers. Here in WA in the Shire of Dongara they have built metal nest shapes at the top of high poles along the waterfront for our Australian Sea Eagles to nest which means you are just walking along and see them fly in with food for the young.