Flying with fish

Last night’s osprey cruise was another excellent one! The weather remained cloudy with a fair bit of wind, but it was warm and not wet, which is a definite bonus. There were around five osprey sightings in total, and a trip towards Manton Bay was rewarded with views of Maya dive-bombing cormorants! Thank you to everyone who came along for what was a wonderful experience!

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Maya dive-bombing cormorants

Maya dive-bombing cormorants (JW)


It was rather a rainy morning today! Here was the scene on the camera when we opened.


Luckily for us, the weather gradually improved throughout the day. Earlier in the morning, 33 delivered a roach to the waiting 2AN at 05:18, which she managed to take from him without grabbing his foot – progress!

Perfect handover of roach

Whilst 2AN was tucking in, first in line as per usual, both 2AM and Maya came along to see if there was a chance for them to get some. Maya came in with a stick, then looked at the fish as though she was thinking about trying to take it from 2AN. 2AN gave her a glare and shuffled away, and Maya took this subtle hint and took off.




Before Maya got her turn, it was 2AM’s chance to get some fish. Here he is tucking into it hungrily. No need to be fed, is there, 2AM?!

2AM. What a handsome chap.

2AM. What a handsome chap.


When 2AM had finished, Maya got her turn.

Maya gets the fish

Maya gets the fish


She ate what she wanted of the fish and left the remainder on the nest. 33 then came along to eat what was left, but unfortunately for him there wasn’t very much!

33 coming in for the fish

33 coming in for the fish


At 15:23 the next fish was delivered, again by 33. It was a roach again, and guess who was there to grab it? Yep – 2AN!

33 coming into the nest

33 coming into the nest

2AN with roach

2AN with the roach


She sat on the nest eating it for a while, then she attempted to take off with it! Neither juvenile has flown off the nest carrying a fish yet, and 2AN looked a bit unsure at first.

2AN attempting to take off

2AN attempting to take off


A few minutes later though, she did it!

Off she goes!

Off she goes!


The young birds are learning all the time, and even something as seemingly simple as flying whilst carrying a fish can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. 2AN managed it admirably, and this demonstrates the continual progress the juveniles are making.

At one point today, we saw 2AM leaning perilously over the side of the nest! After re-watching the footage we realised that he was trying to reach a bit of fish that had fallen over the side. He managed to get one piece, but then the next time he tried he almost lost his balance! It was raining though, which couldn’t have helped.

2AM leaning over the side

2AM leaning over the side, with Maya and 2AN watching!


Here’s Maya doing a bit of nest redecoration in the rain! We’re not sure what she was trying to achieve, as she wasn’t placing the sticks at the side of the nest, she was putting them in the middle…


Yesterday evening 33 came into the nest with a large clump of hay. 2AM was on the nest and had been calling for food, so must have been disappointed in 33’s gift!

33 with hay

Later though we saw 2AM moving some of the hay around.

He must have been arranging it to suit him, as he then lay down in it!

2AM lying down

Not long after, 2AN lay down with him. Aww!

Sitting down together

And here we have Maya and both of her offspring on the nest together.

Three on the nest

Three on the nest



3 responses to “Flying with fish”

  1. christine haines

    Lovely to see 2an and 2am eating so well, poor Maya and 33, working so hard, to feed them, when will they start to catch their own fish.

  2. Julie Mayne

    Excellent blog Kayleigh – thank you! So enchanting to witness the ongoing growth and development of the juveniles and well done 2AN for learning to fly off with the fish. Given her track record with snatching the food first the others had better look sharp!

  3. Andy, London

    2AM’s glare at the camera after overbalancing was akin to Oliver Hardy after one of Stan Laurel’s capers. Great stuff!