Fog on the tine

This morning dawned rather dull and foggy, but that did not stop our dedicated team of Monday work party volunteers getting stuck in at Lyndon! Last week on the work party, the meadow in front of the Lyndon Centre was cut and raked into piles. Today, the team, armed with rakes and pitchforks, cleared the piles of hay off the meadow – a vital task which will allow the grass to dry out and regenerate. The cut material was loaded into a tipper trailer attached to the back of a tractor, which is a brand new piece of equipment funded by Anglian Water. The use of this trailer helped enormously, as it was just a case of loading it with hay, then pulling a lever and tipping the load onto the exposed shoreline at the end of the meadow and spreading it out.


Loading the trailer. Photo by Paul Stammers.


Cutting the remainder of the meadow. Photo by Paul Stammers.


Raking it into piles. Photo by Paul Stammers.


The team! Photo by Lloyd Park.


During the day, we spotted the occasional Bank Vole scurrying about in the piles of hay! One, pictured below, needed a bit of a helping hand to get out of the way of sharp-pronged pitchforks! Here volunteer Barnaby rescues him and pops him out of harm’s way.


Bank vole. Photo by Paul Stammers.


We also had a visit from a beautiful Sparrowhawk, who very much liked the newly-pruned bush by the bird feeders that volunteer John had trimmed nicely. This bird sat in the bush for a while, regularly taking off, flying around the tree and perching in the same spot.


Sparrowhawk. Photo by Paul Stammers.


Thank you very much to everyone who came along and helped today, it was no mean feat lifting all that heavy grass! Everyone’s efforts were rewarded with a superb soup from Project Officer Paul, and some delicious cakes from volunteer Jan Warren!



One response to “Fog on the tine”

  1. Sheila FE

    Well done everyone! Such a pity the sun didn’t shine for you, but none of you will have to visit the gym tonight, despite Jan’s cake!