Follow the path…

It’s all stations go up at Osprey HQ (my corner of the office is looking slightly less organised than before, it has since become a postit palace and half finished tea shelf!) with statistical calculations and mystic meg predictions for the return of the other Ospreys, which will hopefully be following suit after Maya’s early return to Manton Bay yesterday. So far we can hope 33 will be not far behind Maya, a male which has been her mate at Manton Bay and helped her raise 8 chicks since 2015. 

You can now see the migrations yourself of our three satellite tagged birds: 30, S1 and 4K, who are of varying inclinations to travel back to the UK! 30 is our most likely to return over the next couple of weeks but she is still a long way off. We will be trying to update the tracking page with live data wherever possible so you can follow our birds Olympic odyssey back home.

For the non-tracked Ospreys which return to Rutland water, we are relying on all the beady eyes in our arsenal, both staff, volunteers and members of the public, to send in any alerts of Osprey activity in the area, and give us an idea of our possible productivity and any new matchmaking which may be going on with our younger Ospreys! In particular, we’re hoping S1 will be able to attract a female this year, as he has successfully held territory before. We’ll equip him with some smooth chat up lines.. how could a female resist a fresh fish dinner in a beautiful canopy retreat?

Keep an eye on the epic journey of number 30, and keep your eyes peeled for the teenagers 4K and S1 to get busy making their way back home! Over and out from Osprey HQ!

2 responses to “Follow the path…”

  1. suzie

    Thanks for the update Marie!

  2. Mike S

    Marie you posted this a tad too early!! Let’s hope it is 33 who is the blue ringed bird on the camera now.