Following Ospreys

Here at Lyndon, as you will know if you follow the blog, our Education Team have been busy this spring spreading the word about our ospreys to our local schools in Rutland, and working with our Osprey Ambassadors! We know lots of our local schools keep an eye on the webcam in class, however today we heard a school slightly further north has been following Maya and 33 too – Mereside Primary School in Blackpool! The reception class were kind enough to send us some lovely cards and drawings, here are just a few below. Thank you very much Mereside 🙂

What a great drawing of Maya and 33!

What a great drawing of Maya and 33!

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In their letter, the children from Mereside say how much they have been enjoying watching our chicks hatch and seeing Maya and 33 bringing sticks to the nest – although apparently a few of the children have been squeamish when watching them eat fish! They think it is very funny that 33 has a number for a name –
this surprised us as we think it is very catchy and are surprised it hasn’t risen into the top 10 baby names yet! Maybe one day?!

Maya snoozing overnight with the chicks

Maya snoozing with the chicks

Meanwhile at Lyndon our ospreys have had a slightly quieter day after a busy day of fishing (and eating) yesterday. 33 rose early again, bringing the first fish of the day in at 4.30am! Our cameras are still filming in infared at that time of day.

He bought another fish in at around 1.15pm. Both our chicks are eating really well and growing so quickly – it’s hard to believe how little they were this time last week.

It’s half term this week and a great time of year to see our ospreys – why not come down and visit us at Lyndon?