Food Battles

There has been great footage from the camera today.  Early this morning, Maya landed on the nest platform, followed by 055 then 054.   Then 33 suddenly appeared with a trout, Maya took it and flew away to eat in peace.

Maya returned later with the remains of the trout and was greeted by three fledglings, as 055 and 054 had now been joined by 057.  A tug of war ensued – these are hungry birds – and despite being the youngest, it was 057 who won the meal.

Later in the morning 054 was feasting as 055, 056 and Maya looked on.  The food begging calls gradually increased as 33 could be seen flying over the water towards the nest and in the mad scramble, it was 055 who was victorious!

All four fledglings and their parents have all been feeding well and have been seen around the nest site throughout the day.

One response to “Food Battles”

  1. Julie Nicholls

    I’m so pleased to see 57 winning out in the food battles! I used to fear for her so much when they were little, she always seemed to lose out, my fears were clearly unnecessary! ?