Food Fight

This morning was an early start for everyone; we had our first Dawn Osprey Cruise of the season! Visitors were treated to amazing views of ospreys attempting to fish in Rutland Water, all from the comfort of the Rutland Belle. After the cruise had finished a much needed breakfast was provided for attendees, cooked by our own Paul Stammers and a team of dedicated volunteers.

Around about the same time our visitors were enjoying breakfast 33(11) brought in breakfast for his family.

One of the fish brought in later on caused a little trouble between the chicks with both of them fighting for the best chunk!

Lucky Maya was on hand to feed the chicks and ensure each one got an equal share.

The chicks are getting stronger every day and have been busy testing out their wing strength, one of the chicks even had ago at repositioning some sticks, maybe practising for the future.

If you fancy booking onto one of our osprey cruses you can book here!