Four still to go…

Over the last few days we are all slowly becoming addicted to checking the progress of our two satellite tagged male Ospreys, AW and 09(98). Since AW left Rutland nine days ago, many other birds have also begun the long journey south to their wintering grounds. But I’m pleased to say that we still have four Ospreys in Rutland! Three of those are the remaining family members in Manton Bay, 5R, the female and 32(11). After testing the water on Thursday afternoon, 52(11) decided to take the plunge on Friday and hopefully he is now following his brother 22(11) down to West Africa. Out of the three Manton Bay chicks, 52 was the first to fledge and the video below shows him practising the day before he took to the air for the very first time.

It would appear the Manton Bay female thinks 32 should also be on her way. First thing this morning the female caught a large trout and since 7am she sat on the perch with it and slowly started to eat. All morning the remaining chick was constantly food begging but the female wouldn’t share, maybe hinting it was time for the youngster to leave and start catching her own fish. In the end the incessant calling proved too much and at midday she gave in and delivered the remaining fish to the very hungry chick. It doesn’t look like she will be leaving today.

The fourth remaining Osprey is a juvenile male from Site O, AU(11). Here is a photo of Paul with AU after the chicks were ringed.

The weather forecast over the next few days doesn’t look too promising for migration so the remaining family members may extend their stay in Manton Bay for a little while longer.