Four Winds Festival

Its not every day you see an Osprey with a 20 foot wingspan, but if you come to the Four Winds Festival today, you can do just that!

The festival continues at Normanton on the south shore of Rutland Water today from 12-4. There are all kinds of family activities and you can come down and meet the Osprey team at our stand. The day culminates in a special evening performance of “The Way the Winds Blow” – a specially commissioned piece telling the story of the inhabitants who lie above, below and around Rutland Water, with Ospreys as the centrepiece. Told through a mixture of music, dance and choreographed sailing, it is a spectacular show. The afternoon activities are free and tickets for the evening performance are £10 for adults and can be bought on the door. For more information check out the Four Winds Festival website. Here’s a photo of one of the stars of the show.

Anyone seen any Ospreys?