Fun in the Sun

Today the chicks have spent another warm afternoon sat on the fallen tree, Maya and 33 have been very attentive making sure both are well fed. 

This morning 3AU sat food begging on the nest until 33(11) returned with a gigantic fish! He was so eager he grabbed it off 33(11) before Maya even had a look in. 

We have also had lots of intruder activity over the bay this afternoon, Maya and 33(11) are not letting them anywhere near their chicks. 

Although, the webcam is now empty for most of the day the chicks have been very busy, both have been floating around the bay learning and perfecting their flying skills.  

One response to “Fun in the Sun”

  1. BillHunt53

    Well, this year just isn’t my year! I missed the fledging of the blue tits in my garden and now I’ve missed the fledging at Manton Bay! But thanks to all the blogs and clips I am up to date again. Thank you!
    This year’s babies are well ahead of all the other nests I’m watching. I wonder if it’s possible that they might even start fishing before they migrate?