Funny fish

We had a great day at Lyndon yesterday ahead of the evening cruise. Plenty of cruise-goers came to visit Maya, 33 and 2AM in Manton Bay and attended one of our talks before heading over to Whitwell in the evening for the boat trip. At around 4.15pm we were initially a little worried when 33 brought a fish to the nest – did this mean we wouldn’t see him on the cruise later? We didn’t need to worry though as the fish was tiny – definitely not big enough to last our family the whole evening.

A light snack for 2AM

A light snack for 2AM

If you book onto a cruise there is an optional osprey talk to attend earlier in the day

If you book onto a cruise there is an optional osprey talk to attend earlier in the day

Once on the boat, Paul Stammers called volunteer Peter in Waderscrape hide to check on the whereabouts of the Manton Bay family. Peter said that all the birds were in sight and 33 had brought another fish to the nest at half 5, just as the Rutland Belle was setting off from Whitwell. Peter did say that it was another tiny fish though – maybe there was hope that 33 would fish again?

2AM grabbed 33's foot when taking the fish from him this time!

2AM grabbed 33’s foot when taking the fish from him this time!

Luckily, after a couple of very distant views of ospreys, 33 did indeed head out again fishing – and this time we saw him catch a big trout! We got great views as he came up out of the water, and with the wind against 33, Captain Matt managed to keep the Rutland Belle alongside him for a while as he made his way back to the nest. Fantastic! We know from the video footage that 33 ate the head of the trout before eventually bringing it to the nest at 7pm.

Only on getting to the centre this morning did we realise that as well as 33’s contributions last night, Maya had also caught a fish yesterday evening. Another tiny one, at 18.45 – so 2AM was a very well fed bird yesterday.

Earlier in the day 2AM seemed to be a bit flummoxed by something on the nest – it was a fish, but it was old and tough. He had a go at eating it, and moved it around a little, before eventually leaving it.

We weren’t sure where this fish had come from until we looked back at the footage – it looks like this fish had fallen from the nest some time ago and had become lodged on some sticks down the side. It was dragged up to the nest platform yesterday by a crow, who had a good go at eating it before leaving it to the ospreys.

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