Getting adventurous

The three Manton bay juveniles have again been putting on a great show for visitors to Lyndon today. All three are becoming much more adventurous; performing skillful aerial acrobatics in front of Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides. They are also beginning to venture away from the nest for the first time. S1, in particular, has been making some long flights away from Manton Bay; and earlier this morning was absent for more than an hour and half. The post-fledging period is an incredibly important time for young Ospreys: these exploratory flights help them to learn where they are from, and therefore imprint on Rutland. They also help to prepare the birds for the long and arduous flight to West Africa.

They might be getting more confident on the wing, but all three youngsters are still returning to the nest at regular intervals. 33 has brought two fish to the nest since 7am today, allowing all three chicks to have a good feed. As you’ll know if you’ve been watching the webcam, all three are now able to feed themselves. That said, S3 seemed a little unsure of exactly what to do with her breakfast! As you’ll see in the (edited) video below, S2 waited patiently for S3 to finish, before taking his chance to eat. With 33 providing so much fish, there is no need for any aggression between the chicks.

Later on this afternoon, 33 caught a pike in Manton Bay. All three chicks immediately flew to the nest, but it was S1 who got there first and eagerly tucked into his afternoon meal while the other two waited their turn. It was nice to see all three youngsters together while S1 ate the fish.

3 chicks

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