Getting better

Thankfully, T6 seemed to be a lot better this morning. She was alert and responsive to her surroundings, and appeared much brighter. She has also been moving around bit more, although she still spent most of the day on the nest. It definitely looks like she is having trouble weight bearing on her right leg. She was holding it up over the weekend and not standing fully on it, and today when she moved we could see she appeared to be limping. However, she has no trouble flying. More good news is that she has eaten today – Maya fed her twice this morning and again this afternoon, and T6 also attempted, with a degree of success, to eat a fish by herself.

We are hopeful that T6 will make a full recovery. Now that she is eating well, her energy levels will increase and she will have the reserves she needs to heal.

T6 in the sun





3 responses to “Getting better”

  1. Ann

    Thanks, Kayleigh, Wonderful news that T6 is eating and also flying well. It is great that at least one of the ailing Osprey juveniles on UK webcam nests seems to be recovering and fingers crossed for the others at other nests.

  2. Caroline

    She was also preening today so hopefully that is a sign that she is feeling better.

  3. Andy

    She’s slowly improving but the cogs turn slowly. I was just checking the update on Ceri at Glaslyn; it’s speculation, but could there be a virus affecting these birds?

    Love and best wishes to these poorly beauties.