Give me a ring

Over the past few days we have been lucky to host a special guest at Rutland Water from all the way across the Atlantic – Alan Poole, world-renowned osprey expert and author of “Ospreys: A Natural and Unnatural History” has spent some time with the team at the Osprey Project! Whilst here, in addition to learning about the project and seeing some ospreys in England, he gave an interesting talk to our enthusiastic team of osprey volunteers. This talk included details of the decline and subsequent recovery of the osprey populations in Eastern North America that he researched for his book.


Alan Poole with young osprey (TM)


Fortunately, Alan’s visit coincided with ringing time. Chicks were ringed at two nests last week, one of which was Manton Bay. You will surely have noticed that the three handsome juveniles are now adorned with their bright blue leg rings. They were fitted with these early on Friday morning by the team. The ring numbers are T6, T7 (both female) and T8 (male).


T8 and T6 (JW)

T8 and T7 rings

T8 and T7 rings


All three chicks are very healthy and in excellent condition. They are now six weeks old and will be ready to fledge in about a week to ten days! In preparation for this they will begin flapping their wings a lot to strengthen them, they have already been seen attempting to do this. You can see the chicks flapping and much more in Dave Cole’s latest excellent video, see below!


T7 flapping