Gone fishing

Yesterday, 33 visited the River Gwash Trout Farm twice to fish, as the waters of the reservoir were much too choppy, churned up by the strong winds. Photographer Geoff Harries was luckily on hand in the hide to capture some superb images of 33 as he caught his fish. Many thanks to Geoff for sharing these!

Osprey 33 hovering u Osprey 33 carrying fish Close up osprey 33


Geoff was treated to visits from more than one Osprey yesterday! As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, 28(10) has been to the trout farm at Ryhall in the past, and he also fished there yesterday. Here are some of Geoff’s photographs of 28 fishing.

Osprey 28 misses fish Osprey 28 with fish e z


The hides at both River Gwash Trout Farm sites are available to book – click here to book your place in one for the chance to get privileged views of Ospreys fishing!