Good luck Liz!

We should receive the next batch of data from 09’s transmitter over the weekend, so keep an eye on the website for the next update  – most probably on Sunday. It will be really interesting to see how far he has flown. If he has maintained the pace he set during the first week of his migration, then he should be well into his crossing of the Sahara. Watch this space!

In the meantime, a special mention to Liz McCarthy. Liz is running the Great North Run on Sunday in order to raise money for our satellite-tracking work. As 09’s data demonstrates, the GPS satellite transmitters give a truly unique insight into the birds’ epic journeys to West Africa as well us providing us with a wealth of valuable information on their movements in and around Rutland. Each transmitter costs £2500 with an additional fee of £600 per year for the on-going data collection costs. So if you have enjoyed following 09’s journey so far and would like to support our work, then please consider sponsoring Liz for the Great North Run. You can do so via her online fund-raising page. Thanks in advance and GOOD LUCK to Liz for Sunday.

09 and his satellite transmitter

One response to “Good luck Liz!”

  1. Paul

    What a seasoned campaigner. Fantastic progress. Look forward to Sunday