We’re still waiting for the Manton Bay chicks to take their first flights. As they are the oldest of all the Rutland Osprey chicks this year they should be the first to fly.

With this lovely hot weather they are most probably feeling as lethargic as the rest of us, this along with the lack of even a gentle breeze will perhaps have put them off today.

The Manton Bay female and three chicks in the nest

The young birds will find it easier to make their maiden voyages if there is a bit of wind, it will just give them that extra boost and a bit of a lift once they leave the nest.

So for now at least, all three remain with their feet firmly on the ground. We might see them get a bit more active later on this afternoon and into the early evening as the temperature drops a little.

5R has been keeping busy and kept them supplied with fish; and the youngsters have been helping themselves whilst the Manton Bay female is away.

4 responses to “Grounded”

  1. Angela Pomfret

    I was watching the Manton Bay nest on Sunday morning at approx 08:00 and one of the chicks took off and was out of site of the camera for about 30 seconds. I don’t know how far away he flew but he was definitely away from the nest

  2. Andy, London UK

    Brilliant! Very close to a flyer yesterday evening, checked in at 07:50 today, stiff breeze and only two in the nest. Hurrah! Fly safe, little ‘uns.

  3. Andy, London UK

    I was watching for about 10 minutes this morning, no sign of the flyer. Thankfully back in the nest now, safe and sound, I’d say that deserves a pilot’s licence.

  4. Lin V

    We have been glued to this web cam since out trip to Rutland Water last Monday. You guys at the centre are doing a great job of up-dating us. We missed the first flight of 1J so hope that it will be posted soon. Keep up the good work there! We see that the 2 youngsters are feeding alone this morning at 6.15am so 1J has gained I confidence to take off early.