Growing fast and a great video from Dyfi

If you have been watching the webcam today you’ll know that the Manton Bay chick seems to be getting bigger by the minute. Compare this video – recorded just a few minutes ago – with the one from earlier this morning (see update below) and you’ll see what I mean. As you’ll see, we’re still waiting for the second egg to hatch – perhaps tomorrow morning.

Earlier this afternoon an intruding Osprey flew over the bay; prompting 5R to fly to the nest to defend his nest and family. Now is the time that we expect to start seeing two-year-old Ospreys returning for the first time and with 12 chicks fledging in 2010, there could be several new returnees in the coming weeks. In fact, we already know that one of the 2010 Rutland contingent, 12(10), is already back in the UK – she intruded at the Dyfi nest in mid-Wales (where one of our 2008 Rutland birds, Nora, is breeding) last week.

Of course 12(10) is not the only Rutland Osprey to have visited Cors Dyfi recently. Yesterday our three-year-old female 00(09) made a real nuisance of herself at the nest while the breeding male, Monty, was away fishing. Dyfi Osprey Project manager Emyr Evans has sent a great video of the intrusion. How amazing to see two Rutland females fighting over a nest in mid-Wales; a really positive indication of how the Osprey distribution in southern Britain has changed in recent years. Many thanks to Emyr for the video.