Growing fast at Manton Bay

The three Manton Bay chicks are now a month old and growing fast. All three have now lost most of their down and their feathers are developing well. They’re even starting to make weak wing flaps – it is amazing to think that they could be flying in as little as three weeks time.

5R continues to catch a variety of fish – including numerous small roach close to the nest. This latest video shows him bringing one to the nest. Notice how the chicks still don’t have the strength to walk properly – instead they are still at the stage of ‘crawling’ on their lower legs, making them look very ungainly when they turn around to be fed!

After several intrusions by 03(09) at the end of last week, things have been much quieter at the nest over the past few days. If you have been following the progress of the young Scottish Osprey satellite-tagged by Roy Dennis, you will know that the four two year-old Rutland youngsters who have returned this year could be anywhere in England – exploring far and wide. In his travels around Scotland, Roy’s Osprey Rothiemurchus has flown the length of the country twice – so our young birds could be anywhere. We’re sure though that each of them will drop in for at least one more visit to Rutland Water before they head south again.