Growing up

What a wonderful day it has been at Lyndon today, the sun did an excellent job of burning the morning mist away. On the reserve the wildlife has been busy, sightings have included: otter, great northern diver, swift, sparrow hawk, water rail and an absolute explosion of orchids across the reserve.

by Anya Wicikowski



The young ospreys are looking more like ospreys every day; they are starting to become very precocious round the nest, helping to arrange the nesting material and food begging.


It won’t be long until we will be visiting the nest to attach the rings, so they will match 33(11). All Rutland fledglings are fitted with one metal BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) and one blue/white Darvic ring, giving the young ospreys their very own ID. Our darvic rings come from the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation, allowing them to join the national project following osprey movement, breeding and migration.

We have also been having plenty of intruding osprey in the bay, all of which Maya and 33(11) have been chasing off. With all these ospreys in Manton Bay it’s a great time to come on one of our osprey cruises, with the chance of seeing new ospreys and ospreys fishing.