The rate at which Osprey chicks grow never ceases to amaze me. It is incredible that the chicks have gone from this (filmed on 27 May)…

…to this (earlier today), in less than three weeks.

A gusty windy has made fishing more difficult than usual for 5R today, but he has still managed to deliver two good-sized Brown Trout to the nest. It’s fish like this that result in the chicks grow at such a fast rate.

Following his return yesterday afternoon, the two year-old male, 28(10), made one brief appearance in the bay this morning, but otherwise it has been a relatively quiet day. It will be interesting to see how long it is before the next of the 2010 contingent turns up. We know that at least three birds 11(10) (Spain), 12(10) (mid-Wales) and (probably) 24(10) (Sussex) have all been seen elsewhere in recent weeks. Which of them will make it back to Rutland Water first?